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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner


Your wedding day is naturally one of the best days of your life. It consists of all of the little (and big) things that represent you as a couple, a day for all of your friends and loved ones to enjoy, and one that you’ll remember forever. There are so many aspects that you need to focus on in order to bring it all together though, which is why this can be such a stressful period for brides too.

Hiring a wedding planner can make this joyful time a little easier on your nerves. Here are a 5 Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner:

1. You’ve never done this before

Chances are you and your fiancé haven’t planned a wedding before. Even if you have, there are new and exciting trends, venues, and vendors popping up every year. Who are the reliable ones? Who can you count on to deliver exceptional service? Many feel they can plan their wedding because they’ve helped with one before or their best friend is "so organized". Let me just tell you right now that planning your own wedding is a whole different ball game. There are emotions and feelings that you have not experienced and your patience level, I promise to you, will go right out that window pretty quickly once you dive into plans. A wedding planner is the best person to guide you through this intricate process efficiently and as stress free as they can possibly make it for you. Besides, your best friend deserves to enjoy your day just as much as you do! She doesn't need to be dealing with the back of house drama.

2. The stress is getting to you

Remember what I said about your patience level? Planning a wedding is hard and if you’re already breaking out in hives and losing sleep over the massive to-do list that you haven't even started yet then imagine what it's going to be like half way through! Wedding planners are professionals so hiring one will make the process much more manageable and enjoyable for you. You should be excited about your big day, not stressed out and panicking over details that a planner can handle in 2.5 seconds flat with a quick *tap tap* of the keyboard.

3. You’re unsure about the costs involved

If you’re in the process of putting a budget together and would like some guidance on what to expect based on your preferences, a wedding planner can be your guide. Thanks to Pinterest - it's a great source, but honestly our worst nightmare - couples see these out of this world floral arrangements, fully decorated tables, elaborate plated dinners, and hand painted wedding invitations not realizing what the cost of all of the pretty truly is. Just being real here, the average wedding does not have what you see on Pinterest. However, a wedding planner can take your budget, give you some real life numbers, and then help you choose what elements you could spend a little more on while taking from another area that may not be that important to you. For example: you're obsessed with beautiful stationary and you must have high quality invites. Omit the luxe table linens and fancy china and go for simple black or white linens with simple white china. It's classic and never goes out of style. More often then not your reception venue already includes these in with your rental rate! You'll have beautifully set guest tables and your drop dead gorgeous invitations without going over budget.

4. You need a push start

A wedding planner can help you get the ball rolling so that you can start making important decisions. They’ll help bring your vision together and put you in touch with vendors and suppliers who can help bring your day to life. How many times have I border line stalked my brides because they just can't get going? Often. Life gets in the way I get, but you wanted a wedding so here I am to make sure you check off items on that wedding to do list!

5. You’re under the impression that your photographer will help with the planning

I see this sometimes, wedding photographers and even officiants who state they can also be your wedding planner. Huh? Yes, a photographer can give you some guidance on the timing but they definitely won’t be assisting you with any other coordination or wedding planning. They won’t be setting up the venues or packing up at the end of the night, making sure your wedding party are all accounted for and lined up before the walk down the aisle, crawling on their knees taping down extension cords, nor do they have the super power of looking at their watch and knowing exactly where everyone is at that exact moment because they didn't build your 10 page timeline that literally took months to perfect.

Just think, when wedding planners get married they hire wedding planners for their wedding, if anything at least one to be there to coordinate the entire day. So that must mean something right?


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