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Persian Wedding Celebration | Laleh + Alec

It was a warm late July morning and I'm searching for my wedding veil that hasn't seen the light of day since 2017. Laleh's custom veil for her knock out gown unfortunately did not make it into her suitcase so when I received the panicked call the first thought that came to mind was for her to borrow mine. Twenty-five minutes later I arrive to her suite with a wrinkled veil and a handheld steamer praying to the wedding gods above that it's the right shade of ivory. Rushing over to her I put it against her dress and low and behold it was a match!

The beautiful bride's gown was a lacey mermaid with a high neck and long sleeves. To give her some added volume she wore a detachable tulle skirt dotted with feathers and then of course her "something borrowed" was my own personal cathedral length wedding veil. #inserttears. Laleh wore her hair in an updo accessorized with a headpiece, chandelier earrings dangled from her ears and glamorous necklace decorated her neck. The groom himself went for an all black ensemble from his bow tie all the way down to his glossy shoes.


Laleh and Alec elected to have a first look prior to their ceremony. This is a wonderful way to take a break away from the chaos of your day and spend some private time with one another (and your photographer). First looks also allow you to get the majority of your bride and groom portraits out of the way which will free up time after your ceremony for the family pictures. If you are an anxious person or the simple thought of your wedding day sends you into hives, then we always suggest doing a first look. This will alleviate so much pressure and anxiety simply by allowing yourself to see one another before walking down the aisle. Otherwise you're going to feel like your going to burst before the chapel doors open, and we don't want that now do we?


Laleh and Alec's ceremony was a traditional Persian ceremony with the most beautiful sofreh aghd spread I have ever seen. The spread consists of various items that represent an element in the couple's new life and marriage together. For example, the mirror represents bringing light and brightness into the future, the eggs represent fertility, the seasonal fruits a joyous future, and the coins wealth and prosperity.


Following the ceremony Laleh changed into her reception gown, party heels, and pulled out her updo to reveal her silky black locks. She was truly a vision!


The reception itself took place in the Grand Pavilion Ballroom at the Red Rock Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Laleh kept things classic and bright with white linens, white china, ghost chairs, and white and green floral that was raised onto tall stands to bring some visual interest into the expansive room.

Once guests had received their meals and were settled in their seats, a ring acrobat performed three ten minute sets to entertain everyone as they enjoyed their dinner. It was the perfect way to keep the excitement in the air during a time that is usually pretty quiet.

The entertainment for the evening was an out of this world violinist, percussionist, and DJ. This was no run of the mill wedding reception, this was a well orchestrated PARTY celebrating two of the most kind and beautiful people I've ever met. They were literally beaming the entire evening and I couldn't have been more grateful to witness an event so energetic with copious amounts of love.


Wedding Management, Siello Weddings and Events

Photographer, Ella Gagiano Studios

Video, Shy McGrath

Makeup Artist, Andrew Saint Andrew

Hair stylist, Richard Munoz

Venue, Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

Rentals, RSVP Party Rentals

Dance Floor Wrap, Events by Bliss LV

Persian Sofreh, Afsaneh Sargordan

Florist, Arte Floral, L.A.

Officiant, Alireza Ghadaksaz

Violinist, Yara Bahanor

DJ, Moeen Mohsen

Percussionist, Moris Hedvat

CYR Ring Acrobat, Marta Brown


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