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siello weddings & events.

Specializing in mid-level tailored events, we are a las Vegas based wedding planner who provides full-service, event management, and elopement planning services throughout southern Nevada.

from Switzerland to the coast of California, our couples come from every corner of this world, however they all share one common goal -

The desire to create unforgettable memories in a day that reflects the two of them in the
truest and most magnificent way.


the Planner behind it all.


Ashley Torsiello is the owner and lead planner of Siello weddings & events. she began her wedding journey After moving to Las Vegas in 2008, working for a variety of venues to hone in on her skill. Twelve years later she made a leap of faith and began putting things in motion to begin her ultimate dream - entrepreneurship.

having been raised in the south, large scaled weddings full of tradition make Ashley's heart sing. however, since moving to Las Vegas she has dabbled in both the chapel industry as well as the popular bohemian desert nuptial. even though both are beautiful in their own ways, give her a grand space with a big view, all the white, gold and dusty rose you can find and she'll be as happy as the day is long.

.       .      .

What is Ashley's favorite part of your wedding day?
Seeing you for the first time in your beautiful wedding gowns and dashing suits.

What is her least favorite part?
saying good-bye to you at the end of the night.
After working so closely with her clients for sometimes up to two years it sends her into post wedding blues. just know that she indeed misses you.

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