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Las Vegas Wedding Planner, Siello Weddings and Events

my name is Ashley Torsiello and I am the owner and lead planner of Siello weddings & events. originally from Nashville, I moved to las Vegas in 2008, beginning my wedding career the following year. after a decade working with various venues in the Vegas valley, I broke away as a solo planner in the spring of 2020 and launched Siello weddings & events. weddings have been my passion for as long as I can remember, far sooner than when I started in the industry and will continue to be what inspires me every day.
it truly is my
first love.

I am your typical type A personality, a very logistical person who gets excited when it's time to build timelines. I am not the emotional kind when there is a job to be done; however, saying good bye to my couples after working so closely w
ith them for sometimes up to two years does throw me into post wedding blues. one you depart in your getaway car you no longer need me and that for me to hard to accept.

I married my husband on a very stormy day in Chicago in the fall of 2017. it was nothing short of amazing despite the weather. we do not have human babies, but we do have the furry four-legged kind - a German Shephard with the kindest, most gentle soul (unless you are the amazon delivery driver, then watch out), a chocolate lab who would live off of cheese It'z if we allowed it, and our newest addition, a king Charles cavalier, the most precious (bossy) little lady.

my dream vacation

A train ride through Italy

my day off outfit of choice

Black leggings and a tank

My starbucks order

A grande iced vanilla latte


a dry red





a sweet white



no veil

Las Vegas Wedding Planner, Siello Weddings and Events
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