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Having a Wedding at Cactus Joe's and What It Costs

In April of 2023 I took on the role of managing all things events at one of the most unique properties in Las Vegas, Cactus Joe's Blue Diamond Nursery. With a 7+ acre whimsical cactus nursery as well as land across Hwy 159 to provide couples that authentic desert wedding aesthetic we are quite the gem. When wedding guests arrive at Cactus Joe's they are always in complete awe of their surroundings - it's unexpected and you want unexpected for your big day, especially when so many weddings these days seem to all look the same!

Cactus Joe's is first and foremost a working nursery, which means we do not provide anything in terms of tables, chairs, lighting, China, flatware, etc. What you see when you tour Cactus Joe's is what you get! Which is great because that means you get the freedom to create whatever your heart desires. But what does this all really cost? Let's break it down, first starting with the venue rental rates themselves.

Note: Quotes are based on rental item rates at the time of this blog writing.



  • Less than 30 guests, Sunday-Thursday $600 / Friday's, Saturday's and Premium Dates $800

  • More than 30 guests, Sunday-Thursday $750 / Friday's, Saturday's and Premium Dates $950


  • For up to 65 guests for a 4-hour reception, Sunday-Thursday $2,400 / Friday's, Saturday's and Premium Dates $2,800

  • For more than 65 guests (up to 150) a 4-hour reception with luxury portable restroom rental, Sunday-Thursday $3,195 / Friday's, Saturday's and Premium Dates $3,999

Now let's go deeper and break down the cost of rentals.


For tables, chairs, linens, bistro lighting, China, flatware, etc. we love to use RSVP Party Rentals so the pricing listed here will be based off of their rates.


  • Rectangle 8'x48" banquet tables, also known as King's Tables because of their width. Please note that this size is necessary if you are having centerpieces or candles down the center of your tables. These are $19.75 ea.

  • Standard 60" round banquet tables are $11.75 ea.

For a wedding of 65 guests with a mix of rounds and the rectangles (four of each) this category would cost $126.00.


  • The most popular used linen is a poplin. For an 8'x48" King Table you will need a 108"x156" linen which are $23.75 each for a poplin.

  • For your 60" rounds you will need a 120" round linen which are $15.00 each.

  • Your napkins will be $0.60 each for the poplin.

Using the same 65 guest wedding this category would cost $200. Note that I calculated 75 napkins as you should always have extra of these on hand.

Chairs - Listing the chairs that we see here at Cactus Joe's the most:

For 65 wooden folding chairs, the least expensive of the above, it would be $227.50. For the willow, which is the most expensive listed, it would be $828.75. And don't forget your ceremony chairs! If you choose to do folding chairs and your guest count is on the smaller side, your wedding coordination team may be able to fold these up easily after your ceremony and move them to your reception site. This isn't always the case so be sure to ask your coordinator what logically makes sense for your wedding and be prepared to possibly do a double order of chairs.

China & Flatware - For the sake of this blog post we will price out the classic white China and stainless steel flatware. Be sure to ask your caterer if they provide these items, sometimes they do.

  • Dinner plates are $0.65 each.

  • Salad plates are $0.65 each.

  • Bread & butter plate (only necessary for plated meals), these are also $0.65 each.

  • Dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife are $0.60 each.

For a plated dinner for 65 guests you will want to have 5 of each extra on hand just in case the catering team drops a plate or a guest drops their fork - this would cost $262.50.

For a buffet line you will need JUST dinner plates + your flatware but will want to have an additional 15 of each just in case there are guests who choose to go up for seconds. This option would cost $196.00

Glassware - The most popular used glassware collection is the Schott Zweisel collection. In this situation your bartender may have the disposable drinkware included in your package. If not, then you will then need to rent these items so be sure the check with them on what they will be providing.

  • Water goblets $1.50 each.

  • 10 oz wine glass $1.50 each.

  • Champagne flute $1.50 each.

You want extra here too just in case someone drops and breaks their glass so I have priced 70 of each item which brings this category total to $315.00.

Lighting + Power - There are no outdoor lights here at Cactus Joe's so what do our evening weddings do? Bistro lights! RSVP provides 108' strings with 50 bulbs on each strand as well as heavy duty light stands which double as cocktail tables. For a Center Nursery reception we recommend a minimum of (2) strings of lights with (6) poles - depending on the pattern you choose you might need more. For a Greenhouse reception you will need (3) strings which will be zip tied down the center cross bars in the Greenhouse. The lights are $125.00 each and the stands are $45.00.

Where do you plug the bistro lights into to? Depending on the location of your reception within the nursery grounds you may need to rent a generator, as we do not have accessible outlets all throughout the property. Be sure to also ask your vendors if they need power. Some vendors will have their own generators; otherwise, you may need to provide.

With these above basic needs your rental order for a reception at Cactus Joe's for 65 guests would be approximately $2,000 (with the wooden folding chairs) before any delivery fees and tax.


When it comes to food and beverage you have the freedom to bring in whoever you like as long as they are a licensed and legal business and are up to date on all of their city and state requirements. You can either have a buffet set up, a plated meal, or even have a food truck (or two!). For the bartender, it is a Las Vegas city requirement for a licensed bartender to serve your alcohol however, you can purchase your own alcohol. In most cases this is not the most cost effective way and it is also a logitical nightmare so it is recommended to just have your bartender handle everything. For 65 guests your food and beverage can range anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on the extent of what it is you are providing.


Cactus Joe's is a unique property and as you can tell, we are not an all-inclusive venue so you must understand that there are many moving parts to piecing together an event with us. Because of this we require all of our events to have a Las Vegas licensed and insured wedding coordinator to manage the day itself. To put it a step further it is highly suggested you hired your coordinator for AT LEAST wedding management which will have them step in approximately 2-3 months before your wedding. This will allow them to look over everything that you have done up until that point, make any adjustments, find errors and make those corrections, finalize your timeline and ensure there is enough staff on property to faciliate the event as a whole. To view our preferred Vendor List click here.

Have questions about Cactus Joe's or want to schedule a tour? Send me an email at either or

Want a pricing brochure? Click here to access Cactus Joe's 2024 pricing brochure.


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