A Luxury Picnic Amongst the Cacti

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town is probably in my top 3 of favorite venues in southern Nevada. You are in the middle of no where, surrounded by the hills of Eldorado Canyon and an abundance of quail and bunny rabbits. About an hour before sunset, visitors begin to make their way back to civilization, bringing down the buzz of tourist chatter. Soon after, you realize that you can actually hear the little scurries of chipmunks. If you have cupcakes, they are probably coming for you.

On site they have the sweetest wooden chapel. With stained glass windows, wooden floors, and an actual wedding bell you can ring after exchanging your vows, it transports you back to simpler times. There is nothing more romantic to me than exchanging vows in the stillness of the desert air, surrounded by a small group of family and friends, or no one at all, as the families of nearby quail sing their song.

Last summer, myself and McKenzi of Cactus Collective began brainstorming an idea. Using a desert setting for a luxury picnic. Fast forward to last weekend and we were finally able to execute our idea and see it come to life. Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town provided us with the perfect setting, just beside the wooden chapel, where your only view was the sunset and a rusty vintage truck tucked amongst the fuzzy cacti.

Our luxury picnics can be for any occasion, wedding related or not, and can be held at any of our available desert locations. Interested in knowing more? Click here to complete my contact form and I will reach out to you very soon.




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