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A Boho Picnic in the Eldorado Canyon Hills

Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town is probably in my top 3 of favorite venues in southern Nevada. Nestled deep within the Eldorado Canyon Hills, you are literally in the middle of no where. About an hour before sunset, visitors begin to make their way back to civilization leaving you to only the sounds of the resident critters. If you have cupcakes, they are probably coming for you. On site, the ghost town houses the cutest wooden chapel. With stained glass windows, wooden floors, and a wedding bell you can ring after exchanging vows it truly transports you back to the simpler times.


Myself and McKenzi Taylor of Cactus Collective Weddings came together in the summer of 2020 to begin piecing together a picnic that would be placed in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately, Covid had other plans and pushed our schedule way back, but finally in January of 2021 on a cold and windy day we were finally able to bring our vision to life.


How dreamy is that??

For styling I used a boho height farm table and layered the tabletop with various colors and textures. I am huge fan of mixing metallics, patterns, finishes, and textures to create a warm collection. On this table you will find clear doily pattern printed dinner plates atop wooden chargers, shattered glass wine glasses, gold votive holders alongside wood taper candleholders and gold flatware. There are velvet pillows, a light and breezy table runner as well as a blanket to layer on the corner with the champagne and Waterford crystal.


Above image and below three taken by yours truly and her trusty Samsung.

It drives my husband absolutely batty, but I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to home and table décor. I will regularly visit Hobby Lobby and pick up various items such as candle holders, chargers, napkins rings, and colored glassware just to store in my office closet for future use at a styled shoot or small dinner reception. The majority of the items seen on this table are from that collection where as the wine glasses and plates are from my kitchen! The plates are from a set I purchased from Crate & Barrel as a wedding gift to myself back in 2017 and unfortunately have not been used so I took advantage of this shoot and brought those babies out. The wine glasses are from Pier One.

When piecing together something such as an intimate backyard dinner or a picnic in the middle of B.F.E. Nevada, it doesn't have to be expensive. Go through your kitchen and your home and see if there is anything that can be utilized for your tables. If you just don't have the eye there is no harm in reaching out to someone who does to help you bring it together. Personal pieces add a level of intimacy and provide stories to a gathering that rented items just can't provide.

Location: The Eldorado Canyon Ghost Town

Design: Siello Weddings and Events

Photography: McKenzi Taylor, Taylored Photo Memories

Floral : Blooms by Sirce

Rentals and Decor: RSVP Party Rentals and Siello Weddings & Events


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