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Obtaining Your Las Vegas Marriage License

"But I am getting my marriage license in my home state and bringing it with me."

Pump the breaks.

If you intend on having your legal wedding ceremony in the state of Nevada then you must obtain your marriage license in the state of Nevada. If having your marriage license from your home state is important to you, then you will need to have your legal ceremony at home. *i.e. the courthouse*. When you arrive to Las Vegas you will be legally married and will no longer need a Nevada state marriage license. Many couples choose this route and many couples choose to not even tell their wedding guests that they got married at home. If this is the route you choose be sure to notify your wedding planner and your officiant.

"Okay, I'm fine with having a Nevada marriage license. So what do I do?

You can easily apply for your marriage license online at this link:

There is no charge for this step.

"I have arrived in Las Vegas! Now what?"

You and your fiancé will visit the Clark County Marriage License Bureau located downtown at the Regional Justice Center (201 Clark Ave.) At the counter you will provide them with the confirmation code you received when you pre-applied, show your valid (not expired) government issued ID (passport or driver's license), pay the $102.00 license fee, and they will print your paperwork and give it to you in a white envelope. Do not lose this envelope as this must be presented to your wedding officiant in order for you to have a wedding!

Important: This is not a task to be done an hour before your ceremony start time so we recommend getting this taken care of no later than the day before. (Chapel couples, I'm looking at you.)

Two of the three documents inside of your envelope are the legal ones which will be signed by your wedding officiant. This is official proof that they legally performed your wedding and that you two are legally wed. These documents will be hand delivered by your officiant to the recorders office. Once the recorders office receives these documents they will be recorded and become available online for you to order the certified copies. You must allow up to 10 business days for your records to appear online.

The third document in your envelope is your souvenir marriage certificate. This is only for show, it is not a legal certificate. You will get this back before you leave your ceremony as a nice memento to take home.

"So what happens once my documents are recorded?"

You can now order how ever many copies of your Certified Marriage Certificate as you want, for most you will just need one copy. In some situations you will also need a Certified Marriage License (different from the Certificate) and an Apostille. These are explained below:

Certified Marriage Certificate - Everyone will need this. This is not only required for name changes, but also required by the DMV, Social Security Office, INS, and adoption services. If you order one copy and down the road need a second copy, you can always order more.

Certified Marriage License - If you were previously married and wish to change your name you will need this document in addition to the Certified Marriage Certificate. It is also needed by the military, INS, and adoption services.

Apostille - This is for foreign couples who came to Las Vegas to wed. An Apostille and Certified Marriage Certificate are generally needed as proof of marriage in most countries; however, there are a few who just need the standard Certified Marriage Certificate. Check with your local officials to confirm what is required for your country. Additional information on Apostille's, click here.

Ready to order your certified documents? Click this link.

Marriage License Bureau

201 E. Clark Ave. (corner of Clark and Lewis in the Regional Justice Center building)

Las Vegas, NV. 89101




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